Corporate Events


Corporate Events

"Johnnie Fox's Dancer's have a vast experience in all ranges and sizes of corporate and bespoke events and are highly proficient at providing a unique experience for your occasion. Please contact the production manager directly with any enquiry for his personal attention using the following link for a prompt response."
"We are also able to provide, traditional bands, unique combination drummers (see Extreme Rhythm), sound and lighting and DJ's where needed through our affiliated professional companies".

Fundraiser Events

"Fundraisers are classed as events that do not comply with registered charity events, fundraisers are always assisted by our teams at a preferred rate but this is dependent on the passing of the event from the production manager and choreographer".

Charity Events

Whilst charity events are supported as much as possible by our dancers, there are only so many that we can take under our wing. All events must be passed by the board of Johnnie Fox's, the production manager and choreographer. All charity events will require their official letter head and charity registration number for submission for the charity rate to be applicable".