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The Gathering @ Johnnie Fox’s
New Irish Dance Show – New Choreography – New Hooley
This new show commissioned by Johnnie Fox’s called The Gathering @ Johnnie Fox’s, is about the ‘Gathering’ of many things that are associated with Irish traditional music and dance, brought together in one place in celebration of the longest running traditional show in Ireland, Johnnie Fox’s famous Hooley Nights.
Choreographically, according to the choreographer Joey Comerford, who has performed worldwide with Riverdance, Ragus and Gaelforce, the new Hooley at Johnnie Fox’s “is about the ‘gathering’ of the different styles, forms and traditions of Irish dance, from all around the island of Ireland brought together with the observance of the traditions, an acknowledgment of the present whilst being complimented and decorated with contemporary Irish dance movement qualities. ”
Emerging with Sean-Nós, the oldest form of Irish dance The Gathering @Johnnie Fox’s progresses to a style typical of 1970’s Irish step dance and then gradually and continuously pushes the dichotomy of boundaries and expectations within Irish dance.
Post-Riverdance the ‘Gathering’ show at Johnnie Fox’s adds a newer contemporary edge to the choreography due to our choreographer Joey Comerford having achieved a first class honours Masters degree in Irish dance from IWAMD (Irish World Academy of Music and Dance) at Limerick University.
According to Joey this newly commissioned Irish dance show is about “gathering the old and the new, playing spoons and bodhráns, blending old traditions with contemporary choreography; essentially having and celebrating a Hooley from the start of the show to the end of the performance, with the audience participating throughout and being able to continue the night with their own Hooley while ‘gathered’ together at Johnnie Fox’s Pub”.
The new purposely conceived, designed  and choreographed Irish dance Hooley show – The Gathering @ Johnnie Fox’s, Dublin is sure to appeal to the Irish Diaspora, lovers of Ireland, visitors to Ireland, the Irish of Ireland and the leprechauns of Ireland alike, in celebration of the ‘Gathering 2013’.

(University of Limerick, First Class Honours)

Dance Researcher



CAVAN Ethnographic Writing


Caroline Duggan reference letter for Mr Joseph Comerford 2010 - KELTIC DREAMS



Some words from Joey's dancers - how he has effected their dance lives


Shauna - Joey would inspire me when he would say your your own best teacher , it's your Job . He inspires me so much he says a lot of things to inspire everyone. Practice is the way of inviting perfection can remember him saying that too :)

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Emer  - Joey Comerford has to be one of the main inspirations in my life. He has made me believe more in myself and that I really can do it!!

The way he speaks so professionally and truly believes in what he does is incredible.When joe speaks to the kids in the dressing room, whether it's their first or one hundreth show, they look up to him so much and hang on every word he says. I love listening to what he has to say. I hope one day when I'm teaching kids that they look up to me in the same way, then I know I've made it!!

Watching him create the new show has been a brilliant experience.  Having great craic at rehearsals, learning new choreography and skills that i never thought I could do. In essence what i'm trying to say is, thank you Joe, for everything. I have learned so much from you, you're a charismatic, wild and wonderful person. All the best in your new adventure in Johnnie Fox's. I know it will be a success like everything else you have achieved.

Love you man, Sweet!!!!!
Emer xxxx

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Caroline - Joe inspires me in the way he is never afraid to support the "underdog". 
Before starting in Fox's July 2012 I had not danced for 8 years due to an injury. Joe gave me an amazing opportunity to dance again and because of this I am now about to sit my teaching exams.

Thanks Joe 

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Orla - Joe inspired me to be the person I am today . From the very first time I danced with him in Croke park right up to sharing that stage with him in Fire Dance.

"sometimes you win sometimes you learn"

That quote is the way Joey has thought me to think in life and dance. From watching him dance to listening to him as a friend and choreographer.
Just amazing.
In essence
So as he made my first solo and duet (Fire Dance)So special with my Fox’s frame all signed it inspires me to believe in myself and see how much I have grown.

A great memory for me.

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Michael - My favourite memory of Joey from learning this new show is the new style and technicality he has taught me trough all of the new dances he has choreographed and taught us. Also the way he helped me bring out my inner performer out and the way he made me believe in myself as a performer. Funniest memory has to be all the times he went wrong his reply was "yes that’s what I was going to do"

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LoriJoe has been a champion in my dancing for as long I’ve known him. I met Joe a back in the early 2000’s and from then we have worked together in many many shows. He has always encouraged me to strive for more each time, He would tell me to practice one thing per show until I got it right and then move on to the next and continue this until I could become the professional dancer I am today and still there’s always more. He’s always put me forward for anything that he could in shows and encouraged me to go for the dreams that I longed for. He has supported me in every dance move I’ve made and for that I can never thank him enough. He’s an inspiration to me and many many more dancers and has always looked after dancers and their best interests here at Johnnie fox’s. He supports people’s dreams and aspirations and I have been no exception to that rule.  If we could have many Joe’s in this dance world that we all belong to we would be able to always remember that the love for dance grows from within and there are people like Joe who can show us how to make that love within come out on stage in every performance that we do.  Joe will always ask for the best you have and give you 110% in return.  Joe has devoted his life to dance and I know on behalf of everyone at fox’s we can see it in every piece of choreography he makes.  I’d like to say thank you for being an inspiration, a choreographer, a Dance captain, a Tour buddy, an advisor and most of all for always having my dancing and I at the forefront of your mind.

"A star danced, and under that I was born" - William Shakespeare